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Accumax Pipettes

Accumax Pipette

The Accumax brand of pipettes have become one of the most popular products at Quasar Instruments.  The combination of a pipette that is both robust and accurate while being  affordable and backed by a 3 year warranty is very popular.  While offered at a competitive price the Accumax brand pipettes are held to a surprising quality standard.  Accumax is one of a handful of pipette manufacturers in the world to achieve the ISO 17025 accreditation - The highest standard in the world for calibration labs and all the Accumax pipettes are calibrated to the ISO 8655 standards just like the much more expensive pipettes.

Accumax has several pipette lines to choose from.  The most popular is the Accumax PRO Pipette which features a soft rubber comfort grip.  The Accumax A Autoclavable Pipette is fully autoclavable and yet still robust and affordable.  The Accumax line of Fixed volume pipettes include the Accumax Junior Fixed Volume Pipette which is a fully functional minuature pipette great for teaching labs, field work, or test kits as well as fixed volume versions of the Accumax PRO and A pipettes.

Still not convinced?  We are so confident that you will not find a better pipette near this price that we will ship your order out to you for a 30 day no obligation trial.  Use the pipettes for free for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied return them  and pay nothing.  You can even keep the pipette tips.  For more information contact us at:[email protected]

Full product descriptions as well as maintenance and calibration instructions can be found in the Accumax Pipette Online Manual

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Accumax VA Series Pipette Fixed Volume
Regular Price: $61.77
Our Price: $55.40
Accumax Starter Kits
Regular Price: $338.83
Our Price: $301.73
Pipette, Accumax PRO Series Pipette, Educational Pipette
Regular Price: $131.59
Our Price: $105.50
Pipette | Accumax A Series Autoclavable Pipette
Regular Price: $148.92
Our Price: $129.89
Accumax Junior Series Fixed Volume Pipette
Regular Price: $20.93
Our Price: $10.22
Accumax PRO Series Pipette Fixed Volume
Regular Price: $95.90
Our Price: $79.80
Accumax A Series Autoclavable Fixed Volume Pipette
Regular Price: $134.10
Our Price: $116.86