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ExtraGene EG9600 Gradient Thermocycler

EG9600 PCR Thermocycler

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The ExtraGene EG9600 PCR Thermocycler is an extremely reliable, robust and flexible thermocycler. This EG9600 PCR Thermocycler uses the most advanced peltier technology to provide fast accurate heating and cooling of your PCR samples.  The large LCD graphic display makes programing quick and simple.  The unit can store 100 programs with a max of 99 cycles.  The thermocycler has a heat lid with a programable temperature range of 70ºC - 115ºC.  The block has a temperature range of  0ºC - 99ºC  (Heating Rate: > 3.0ºC/s; Cooling Rate: > 2.8ºC/s; (+/-) 0.2ºC from 20ºC-75º) and a capacity of 96 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes, 12 strips or 1 plate as well as 77 0.5 mL micro tubes as well as an option for a 384 well plate.  The gradient temp range is 30ºC - 99ºC; Gradient Spread: 2ºC - 30ºC.

5024-EG 9600
5024-EG 9600
Extragene TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler; your choice of block.
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Our Price: $5,586.00
D Block for 384 Well plates
384 well block for EG9600
Regular Price: $2,294.80
Our Price: $1,778.00

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