Krüss Software

Kruss Software

A custom-made LIMS for your Krüss instruments.

KrüssLab software offers ideal administration of Krüss refractometers, polarimeters and density meters. Easy software installation via Windows Internet Explorer provides a set of function blocks for administration, remote control, and measurement reading from your central work station.

The Krüss instrument can be connected to your intranet or directly to your PC via an ethernet-cable. Measurements are directly imported from the instrument and stored in the database. This allows you to work with your data when your Krüss instrument is powered off. Using various data filters, you can export the desired data in an excel file, pdf file, HTML file, or directly to your printer. KrüssLab software makes it easier for you to centrally manage multiple instruments, providing a better overview of your processes.
PC Software to manage Krüss polarimeters, refractometers, and density meters.
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