Benchmark Agarose LE

Agarose LE

Agarose LE by Benchmark is a highly purified agarose that is formulated without the use of organic solvents. Used for nucleic acid, protein, and other electrophoresis protocols, Agarose LE allows for the movement of 150 bp to 6 kbp molecules. Pore size can be adjusted by modifying the concentration ratio. The low EEO of Agarose LE promotes increased electrphoretic mobility, yielding improved resolution and shorter run times. This low EEO also reduces band distortion that can result from sulfate-rich anions. Agarose LE also exhibits low absorption of chemical staining agents, thermal stability, and mechanical resistance making it easy to handle.

Technical Data:
Moisture ≤ 7%
EEO (electroendosmosis) ≤ 0.13-mr
Sulfate ≤ 0.20%td>
Gelling Temp. (at 1.5%) 36˚ ± 1.5˚C
Melting Temp. (at 1.5%) 88˚ ± 1.5˚C
Gel Strength (at 1.0%) 1200 g/cm2
Gel Strength (at 1.5%) 2500 g/cm2
DNase, RNase None Detected
Endonuclease None Detected
Protease None Detected
Benchmark Agarose LE, 25g
Benchmark Agarose LE, 25g
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Our Price: $36.13
Benchmark Agarose LE, 100g
Benchmark Agarose LE, 100g
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Benchmark Agarose LE, 500g
Benchmark Agarose LE, 500g
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