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Multichannel Pipettes

Multichannel Pipettes

The Capp Multichannel pipettes are known throughout the world as being the best multichannel pipette you can buy.  All the Capp Multichannel pipettes are made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and durable plastics.  These innovative pipettes feature state of the art design and features such as the removable variable volume control knob which allows you to have a variable volume multichannel pipette or even a fixed volume multichannel pipette.  The easy to use ejection lever make tip ejection strain free.  The Capp multichannel pipettes are fully autoclavable, feature double o-ring tip nozzles for maximum tip compatibility and leak free use.

The Accumax Multichannel pipettes are available at an educational pipette price, but offer a research pipette quality.  These pipettes have a solid comfortable feel, a multichannel head that rotates 360 degrees, and an exceptional build quality.  

The Evolution Multichannel pipettes by Accupet offer a lightweight, yet durable design that feels natural in your hand. A lock mechanism prevents accidental changes to the micrometer while performing repetitive aspirations.

All of our multichannel pipettes are calibrated to the ISO 8655 standards and come with an individual calibration certificate and a 3 year warranty.

Multi-channel Pipette Accumax 8 channel
Regular Price: $364.25
Our Price: $297.02
CappAero 8-Channel Pipettes
Regular Price: $645.00
Our Price: $475.00
Multi-channel Pipette Accumax PRO Series 12 Channel Pipette
Regular Price: $516.71
Our Price: $435.91