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Balances and Accessories

A&D, Citizen, and Scientech Laboratory Balances and Accessories

Quasar Instruments sells and supports all of our products, including our balances from A&D, Citizen, and Scientech.  When choosing a balance the first thing to know is what readability you need, then the capacity.  We recommend selecting a capacity that is at least 50% greater than your maximum requirement.  Also remember, readability is expensive, capacity is much less costly.

A&D provides weighing solutions for a multitude of markets, including education, food service, jewelry, and pharmacy. With more than 30 years in weighing solutions, A&D has proven to be an industry leader and a great fit to Quasar's core principles. A&D balances and scales are backed by either a 5 or 2 year warranty. 

Citizen designs balances around a simple philosophy of giving the customer a simple, reliable and affordable balance as well as offering a complete line from micro balances to portable top loading balances.

Scientech balances are designed for the most demanding applications.  The patented Zeta series is simply the toughest balance on the market.  Don't believe us  Watch the video of a 2 kg weight being dropped onto a 200g analytical balance.  We back the Scientech Zeta balances with a 5 year warranty.

Our balances are arranged in readability from 6 decimal places down to 1 decimal place.  Just choose the model and capacity that fits your needs and budget.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and one of our sales representatives will assist you.